Increase productivity with tmux on top of vim and zsh

TMUX(terminal multiplexer) is a Linux based tool which allows a number of terminals to be opened, accessed and controlled from a single shell window. This allows to execute multiple commands, monitor server or develop and live load the changes.


zsh and oh-my-zsh should be setup. You can follow this article to set it up —

vim setup should be completed. Follow this article to setup -


Just copy and run the commands 1 by 1 to have a powerful tmux setup up and running. You can customize it according to your needs by editing the ~/.tmux.conf file

Building tmux from source

The apt package manager contains older version of tmux. So we will build the latest version of tmux and use it’s most powerful features.

Setting up TPM

TMUX in itself is a very powerful tool which can be used to increase the productivity and work on multiple terminals easily and seamlessly. But it has a great plugin manager, called TPM(Tmux Plugin Manager), which can help us to build a highly customizable, easy to use and powerful setup. To install TPM, we just need to run 1 liner code

An easy, simple and straight forward way to setup a powerful and highly configurable tmux for use. Below is a small walkthrough for tmux.

zsh, tmux and vim are all powerful tools which can make life very simple and intuitive while working on server. At the same point of time, they require practice. If you use these tools as your daily drivers, initially you might require some effort to get used to it but once you learn it, nothing will feel more natural. Let me know what other would you like to learn.



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